Vaara pre-painted or fully finished cladding speeds up your building project and makes building project easier.

Trees grow slowly in the north. This means a larger heartwood and denser grain structure with smaller than average branches for the type of wood. Vaara exterior cladding products are made of the northern spruce. Industrially pre-painted cladding enables an effortless building project and guarantees the high quality of façade. All profiles are also available with the fire protection treatment.

Our exterior cladding products are available primed and intermediate painted, as well as fully finished, when you just need to paint the nail poles. Choose one of our standard colours or ask about other colour options from our sales.

  1. Cost-effective choice
  2. Made from sustainable and durable northern wood
  3. Speeds up your building process
  4. Gives flexibility for your building project

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Pre-painted exterior cladding

Vaara pre-painted exterior cladding panels are once or twice painted.

The industrial primer treatment, which is carried out in dry and controlled processors, protects the cladding from the rain and the sun’s UV radiation already during the work. The treatment also speeds up the painting work, because after the installation you go directly to the last round of painting.

Fully finished exterior cladding

Vaara fully finished exterior cladding is an aesthetic and durable choice for the façade material of your building. Industrial painting ensures the homogeneity of the product and that the right amount of paint is applied at each stage of the work.

Vaara fully finished exterior cladding will greatly facilitate your task on the construction site, as painting on site is limited to spot painting of nail poles. If you still choose our cladding with invisible nailing design where the nails remain hidden under the tongue, you don’t even have to complete this step.

Fire protected exterior cladding

Vaara’s fire protected exterior cladding enables the use of wood in multi-storey construction as well as in public buildings such as kindergartens and care facilities. Vaara’s Fire-protected exterior cladding is suitable for buildings belonging to fire class P1 or P2. Industrial fire protection treatment ensures a multi-stage, certified and fire-protected wood product that achieves fire class B-s1, d0 of building materials.

Vaara exterior claddings

Vaara exterior cladding products are made of northern spruce. Thanks to the industrial painting process, your construction work on the construction site becomes easier and the end result is a striking appearance. All profiles are also available with fire protection treatment.

High-quality northern wood

The strict-grained and small-branched northern wood guarantees the excellent quality of our products.

cost-effective solution

Thanks to the industrial painting process, you will save money and valuable free time, as the number of paintings to be performed on site will be reduced.

Brings flexibility and speed up construction work

By choosing an industrially painted exterior cladding, you get flexibility in your painting contract. It also speeds up construction work because there are fewer or no paintings at best.

Certified quality system

It is important to us that our wood products and their manufacturing processes meet the required quality standards. The certificates guarantee our customers that the origin of the wood raw material we procure is known and it comes from sustainably managed forests.

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Dense-grained and high-quality northern wood

Our products are made of high-quality and durable northern wood. The strength of the northern wood is excellent, as it is dense for reasons and has a large number of healthy branches.

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