Quality & Sustainability

A sustainable future is being built today

Our roots are deep in the soil of the north, and we believe that sustainably managed forests are the starting point for quality wood products now and in the future. That is why we take care of the valuable raw material right from the seedling.

The choice of wood as a building material is a climate act

When you choose product of Vaara, you know you are getting a product that comes from sustainably managed forests. The choice of wood as a building material is also a climate act, as one cubic meter of wood sequesters an average of about 1,000 kilos of carbon dioxide, thus acting as a carbon sink.

The ability of wood to store is not lost even when it is felled from the forest, as it stores carbon in itself. The average Finnish detached house, made of wood, binds about 30 tons of carbon dioxide in its wooden structures. It is equivalent to more than 10 years of CO2 emissions from the average single car consumer.

Products of Vaara come from sustainably managed forests

We are looking for solutions for more responsible wood products, and Vaara’s responsible products are guaranteed by PEFC and FSC certifications. PEFC and FSC are independent and non-profit international forest certification schemes that promote sustainable forestry worldwide.

With forest certificates, we operate in accordance with the principles of sustainability that take the environment, people and the economy into account. The certificates guarantee our customers that the origin of the wood raw material we procure is known and it comes from sustainably managed forests. You can find the certificates issued to our company below on this page.

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We control the manufacturing process of our products

It is important to us that our wood products and their manufacturing processes meet the required quality standards. Products of Vaara are CE-marked, meeting the requirements set by the European Union for building materials. These standards can be used to ensure the safe and healthy use of wood as a building material.

We recycle our production packaging

At Vaara, we want to promote the responsible utilization of packaging, so we co-operate with Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd. We recycle both packaging related to our own production and packaging that comes to us as a raw material, and in this respect we bear our producer responsibility.