Northern wood is our passion. That's why we want to offer high quality wood cladding, sawn timber and non-settling log products for our customers.

Veljekset Vaara Oy’s roots are deep in the soil of the north, and we believe that sustainably managed forests are the starting point for high-quality wood products now and in the future. That is why we take care of the valuable raw material right from the seedling.

Vaara Group – Life from wood

Vaara Group is a Lapland-based export company with a turnover of 40 million and 100 employees in Tervola Puupuisto. Veljekset Vaara, Vaaran Metsä and Vaaran Palkki form a growing and developing group of companies that manages the entire wood processing chain from the forest to logs and painted cladding products. The Group serves its customers worldwide in Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Egypt, Algeria, Spain, Greece and China. With its latest investment, the group has expanded its operations from cladding products to glued wood products and will serve an even wider customer base in the future.

Story of Vaara