Sawn and planed timber

The dense and small-branched northern wood guarantees the excellent quality of our products. We manufacture sawn and planed timber in accordance with the standards and customer wishes and taking into account the requirements of the application.

In the sawn timber manufacturing process, we take into account the quality criteria of wood construction for drying them to a moisture content of 18%. In addition, in special drying, the moisture content of the sawn timber can be reduced to as much as 8–12%.

Our sawn and planed timber are PEFC and FSC chain of custody certified, which makes the origin of the wood raw material known. This means that the wood’s journey from the forest to high-quality sawn and planed timber is in the hands of our professionals.  All sawn and planed timber are also CE certificated.

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Northern wood

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Sawn timber

Around half of the timber we use are spruce and the other half are pine.

We want offer our customers timber products that fulfill their wishes and is suitable for their end use. That’s why Vaara’s sawn timber is always finished in terms of moisture, quality, length and dimensions of customer’s requirements.

Planed timber

Vaara’s high-quality planed timber is perfect material choice for construction. The dense and small-branched northern wood is suitable even for the most demanding construction projects.

Our sales organisation is happy to help you to find the best possible solution for your needs.

Shipping marks

The shipping mark stamped at the end of a log section indicates the timber producer and grade of the sawn timber. These grades take into account factors affecting the appearance of the timber, such as the number of knots, knot locations, cracks, color changes, and other natural characteristics of the timber. Vaara’s sawn timber is identified with its own shipping mark, VV. It’s guarantee of high-quality sawn timber made from the northern wood.

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