Northern wood

We take care of the valuable raw material right from the seedling

The dense and small-branched wood of the north is a great raw material for exterior cladding and log blanks, which guarantees the excellent quality of our products.

Slow growth is a guarantee of high quality

Due to our northern location, the growing season is short, resulting in the tree growing slowly; The average growing time for Finnish wood to its full size is 60–120 years. When the tree grows slowly, the wood material is denser and more straightforward, and the size of the branches is smaller than average for the species. The harsh growing conditions in northern Finland make wood more durable and ideal for use as a building material.

The raw material comes up close

The wood raw material of the Vaara products mainly comes from the region of southern Lapland. Vaara Group’s forestry company Vaaran Metsä Oy is responsible for wood procurement at our sawmill in Tervola. Through our extensive and reliable wood procurement network, we are offered a wide range of high-quality and responsibly grown wood raw material, which enables good security of supply for the needs of our sawmill.

A well-managed forest grows optimally and brings a good and sustainable return to its owner during the forest rotation period. With the help of the comprehensive forest management services provided by Vaaran Metsä and our skilled forest experts, we ensure that our customers receive the best possible return from their forest and that all forest management measures are carried out in accordance with forest management recommendations and respecting the environment.

The benefits of northern wood

Vaara products are made from high-quality, slowly growing northern wood.

Densified structure

The strength properties of northern wood are excellent, as it is dense for reasons and has a large number of healthy branches. As a result, northern wood is ideally suited as an exterior and interior cladding material for buildings, among other things.

The proportion of heartwood is high

In the northern tree, the share of heartwood is large. As a result, moisture penetrates the wood slowly, making it a durable facade material.


In the northern tree, the branch size is smaller than average, which makes it easier to handle.