Vaara Group invests in drying capacity

The investment of less than four million euros in the drying capacity will enable an increase in sawing volumes and special drying for the needs of the Vaara Group’s processing units.

Veljekset Vaara and the Czech company Katres have signed an agreement for the delivery of four chamber dryers to Veljekset Vaara in 2022. The investment is worth less than four million euros and has received a significant development grant from the Northern Ostrobothnia’s Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The investment will enable a significant increase in the number of saws and special drying for the needs of the Vaara Group’s processing units.

– Vaaran Palkki’s business has got off to a good start and we aim to meet the growing demand with this investment. The project will have a significant impact on jobs as we will be able to increase shifts to both the log factory and the sawmill after the increase in drying capacity. The effects extend to the entire supply chain, from wood procurement to processing units and partners, says Jukka Vaara, CEO of Veljekset Vaara Oy.

Katres, who has strong experience in dryers that also dry special dry lumber, was selected as the dryer supplier.

– We are honored and excited to participate in new investments related to the implementation of the new drying complex. We would like to say a big thanks to Veljekset Vaara for their trust in us and our product. We are aware that we have a responsible task, especially in these turbulent times, but our commitment as always same in supplying the highest quality product possible, says Katres’ sales manager Jiří Kulhánek.

More information:

Jukka Vaara

CEO, Veljekset Vaara Oy

040 913 7269

Antti Korpikallio

Finland’s sales representative, Katres

040 508 7739