Vaaran Palkki's non-settling log starts the new era of log construction

At Vaaran Palkki, we want to make the everyday life of log house factories easier by producing high-quality non-settling log blanks made of northern wood. When we make our share of the log house supply chain, log house factories can focus on their own core business. The structure of the non-settling log blank we manufacture, allows the log to be used in tall buildings and combined with, for example, steel and glass.

Vaara’s Non-Settling log

The Non-Settling log is a durable and cost-effective choice for use in the log house industry. We manage the wood processing chain from forests to log blanks, which guarantees the high quality of the wood raw material we use. The northern wood used as a raw material has excellent strength properties, as it is dense and has a large number of healthy branches.

Our non-settling log is manufactured in a modern factory in Tervola, completed in March 2021. The homogeneity of the final product is ensured by automated processes and state-of-the-art machine vision and moisture analyzers. Durability of adhesive joints meets FC-6:2013 standard. The glue joint is permeable to water vapor. Emission-free PUR glue used as an adhesive.

Three reasons to choose Vaara’s Non-Settling log

  1. Our products facilitate the production chain of log house factories and allow them to focus on their core business
  2. We use the latest modern technology in the manufacture of log blanks
  3. The strictly grained northern wood we use is a responsible and sustainable raw material

Non-Settling log

What is non-settling log?

Non-settling log is a lamellar log in which the vertical wood lamellae form an uncompressed structure inside the wood. The crossed lamella layers significantly reduce the wall depression due to the log’s moisture life.

The non-settling structure of the log enables new types of Architectural solutions and the combination of the log with other materials such as glass and steel. It also makes your building process easier and saves costs as well. Non-settling log is also excellent for layer construction, so it can be used in public construction sites.

Pre-planed log

Why to choose Vaara's Non-Settling log

The dense and small-branched wood of the north guarantees the excellent quality of our products. In addition, the new technology enables the production of more uniform and cost-effective log blanks.

High quality raw material

The strength properties of northern wood are excellent, as wood’s fibres are dense and it has a large number of healthy branches.

Enables new solutions

The structure of the non-settling log allows, among other things, the use of logs in tall buildings and their combination with, for example, steel and glass.

Carries large structural loads

The durability of the adhesive joints of our non-settling logs meets the EN 16351 standard. This ensures that it can carry even large structural loads.

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